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Welcome to the official web home of The Apostolic Episcopal Church (AEC), an autogenic,
episcopally governed denomination open to all who seek to better understand and
experience the mystery of Christ within.  We invite you to explore our site and discover the rich
history of this unique, liturgical tradition.  A pivotal tenet of the AEC is the spirit of ecumenical
cooperation reflected in Christ's prayer that the Church strive to attain oneness and love for
one another, even in the face of doctrinal differences.

Our ministry reflects a novel understanding of the ancient apostolic tradition wherein we are
of the conviction that the concept of apostolic succession is clearly reflected in both the spirit
of the original twelve Apostles, who initiated physical, or outer lines of succession, and that of
the Apostle Paul, whose ministry reflected the validity of an inner succession.  In this manner,
we hold that the full ministry of apostolic succession includes not only the offices of Bishop,
Presbyter, and Deacon, but that of Pastor, Evangelist, Reader, Minister of Music, and the
priesthood of the laity as well.

Through a combination of qualified clergy representing both traditional lines of apostolic
succession originating in the early Eastern Church, and incardinated ministers hailing from
various denominational traditions, we offer a fully integrated expression of faith which is truly
united in intentional service to all persons — especially those who have found themselves
residing on the very margins of society.

The driving spirit behind the mission and ministry of the AEC is reflected in a statement by
our founding Bishop from
The Messenger, Vol. 3, No. 3:
All are welcome, without exception, to the altar of God,, all people
may unite in the worship of God in the unity of spirit and the bond of peace.
–Archbishop Arthur W. Brooks,  September, 1929
Canonically organized in the state of New York in 1925, the AEC has been committed from  
its inception to ministry from the perspective of a deep, inner spirituality.  This contemplative
approach to ministry pays homage to the early teachings of Christ, the inner experiences of
the Apostle Paul, and the voluminous writings of the great spiritual doctors of the Church -
both Eastern and Western, ancient and contemporary.
And most importantly,
develop love, which holds
everything together in perfect
harmony.  And let the peace of
Christ guide your hearts.

Colossians 3:14-15